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Woobie Blanket

Tabby Camo Poncho Liner Woobie: Your Outdoor Companion

Keela Poncho Liner - MTC: Versatile Outdoor Essential

  • Multi-Functional Design: This Keela Poncho Liner in MTC (Multi-Terrain Camouflage) offers versatile functionality. It can be utilized as a sleeping bag when combined with a poncho or used as a lightweight summer blanket.

  • Compact and Practical: Engineered for efficient packing and easy portability, this lightweight piece of gear provides essential warmth even in damp conditions. Its compact size makes it an indispensable tool, whether for layups in the field or as a minimalistic sleeping system in hot and humid environments.

  • All-Weather Performance: Designed to deliver reliable warmth, even in wet conditions, this poncho liner becomes a life-saving asset in various scenarios. It serves as an extra layer of insulation in colder environments, proving its worth where space and weight are at a premium.

  • Robust Construction: Manufactured with dual layers of nylon encapsulating a polyester filling, the liner is stitched along the sides and crosswise, ensuring durability and longevity. The loft pocket insulation construction enhances warmth retention.

  • Premium Materials: Crafted from 100% high tenacity nylon for the outer shell and featuring high-grade 100% insulated polyester, the liner guarantees quality performance and resilience.

  • Generous Dimensions: Measuring 230 cm x 150 cm, this poncho liner offers ample coverage and comfort.

The Keela Poncho Liner in MTC is an indispensable companion for outdoor enthusiasts, soldiers, and adventurers alike. Its adaptable design, durability, and excellent insulation make it a valuable asset in various environments and conditions.

  • Q1: Do you have E-Catalogue?
  • A1: Yes, you could download on our website or send us email to ask for the newest version. Email: sales@bulletproofshops.com. We will reply you ASAP.
  • Q2: Which products do you manufacture?
  • A2: Langdun Group provide the one stop solution for military & police department: from all kind of uniforms, boots & shoes, bulletproof products, bags & backpack, camping products to all kind of accessories.
  • Q3: Where are you located in China?
  • A3: We are located in Jiangsu. You are warmly welcomed to visit us in Shanghai. You could take flight directly to Shanghai Pudong International Airport. We will arrange everything during your visit in China. China is very safe, we can guarantee your safety and comfortability.
  • Q4: How can you understand my specification requirements properly?
  • A1: Yes, you could download on our website or send us email to ask for the newest version. Email: sales@bulletproofshops.com. We will reply you ASAP.
  • Q5: What is the payment method and payment term?
  • A5: We could accept many kinds of payment method, Bank transfer, Western Union or Cash. For the payment term, it will depend on the order, usually we do 30% advance payment and balance before the shipment.
  • Q6: Can you provide OEM service?
  • A6: Yes, we could customize the products according to your requirement. We have best designer and professional team in this field.
  • Q7: How can I be sure that the qualities and quantities of my consignments are correct?
  • A7: Besides the fact that we do final inspections at our dispatch warehouse, we urge you to send a representative or appoint a third party to do a final inspection before final payment and dispatch.
  • Q8: How can you ship the goods to my country?
  • A8: We could ship the goods to all the countries in the world via Express, by Sea or Air. We have the best rate for all the shipping method. We can provide CIF price for you.
  • Q10: What is the warranty of the goods?
  • A9: It will depend on the shipping method and the shipping company, we will provide the best solutions for your choice.
  • Q10: What is the warranty of the goods?
  • A10: Different products have different warranty time, usually we provide 6-month warranty for uniforms and 5 years for bulletproof products.
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