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Wholesale Bulletproof Vests with All Levels Available

Bulletproof vests, also known as ballistic vests or body armor vests, are essential protective clothing designed to shield individuals from bullets, knives, and other ballistic threats. It services as an essential gear for military and anti-roit use. These vests come in various styles and standards, like camouflage, police-style, and even designed to wear under a suit. By featuring layers of specialized materials that absorb and disperse the energy from bullets, it reduces the impact for its wearer. Ballistic vests provide a crucial layer of defense for law enforcement, military personnel, and security teams, ensuring their safety in high-risk situations. Individuals or organizations can find the right level of protection to suit their needs, whether cheap or expensive, thick or thin. Explore the diverse range of bulletproof vests for sale and invest in reliable, life-saving armor here at LangDun

What Are Bullet Proof Vests Made Of and How Does It Protect Wearer from Bullets?

Many materials (natural or synthetic) have shown properties of bullet-proof, but few of them are suitable to manufacture as clothing vest. Now, bulletproof vests primarily use Aramid and PE (soft bulletproof material) due to its impact resistance, strength, and being light-weight (makes it possible to wear it). Kevlar and Aramid's properties make them ideal for lightweight bulletproof vests, providing effective protection against handgun bullets and even heavier weapons. 

While some hard bulletproof material (metal, for example), are being manufactured into other bulletproof gears like police shields, 

What Are Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5 Bulletproof Vest - Explaining Bulletproof Vest Levels? 

Bulletproof vest are categorized into levels based on their capacity to withstand bullets of different calibers. The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) establishes and recognizes five levels: Level IIA, II, IIIA, III, and IV. These levels provide varying degrees of protection against ballistic threats, with each level designed to resist specific bullet calibers. Check the following details:

Level IIA: Provides protection against low-velocity 9mm and .40 S&W ammunition. Primarily used for light-duty situations.

Level II: Offers defense against higher-velocity 9mm and .357 Magnum ammunition. Suitable for law enforcement officers and security personnel.

Level IIIA: Shields against even more potent ammunition like .44 Magnum and 9mm submachine gun rounds. Commonly used by police officers and military personnel.

Level III (Level 3): Protects against rifle rounds such as 7.62mm NATO and 5.56mm NATO. Used for enhanced military and law enforcement operations.

Level IV (Level 4): Provides the highest level of protection, capable of stopping armor-piercing rifle rounds like .30-06 M2AP. Typically used by specialized military and tactical units.

Are Bullet Proof Vests Legal?

Yes, bulletproof vests and other forms of body armor are legal in all 50 states of the United States. They are considered safety products, and law-abiding civilians have the right to purchase and wear them for personal or professional use. As a citizen, you have the legal right to protect yourself and your family by using body armor.

Are Bullet Proof Vests Stab Proof?

Bulletproof vests are primarily designed to withstand ballistic threats like bullets and shrapnel, but they are generally not effective at providing protection against edged or spiked weapons such as knives, bottles, or needles. Vests that excel at stopping bullets might not possess the necessary features to defend against stabbing or piercing attacks.

Custom Bulletproof Vests: Wholesale Solutions from China

Langdun - China's Finest Bullet Proof Vests Wholesale Supplier. As a China-based Qualified Manufacturer, Langdun Bulletproofshops has a 12000-square-meter facility at Station Road, Jingjiang. With ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, and BS OHSAS18001:2007 certifications, we're renowned for customized bulletproof vests, tactical gear, and more. Offering Wholesale options, our High-Quality production spans ballistic vests, lightweight bulletproof vests, and more. From body armor vests to tactical bullet proof vests, our Discounted gear ensures safety. Connect with us to explore custom solutions, leave your details, and secure Best protective gear.




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